That feeling when tons of people take tons of photo’s of you during an Anime Convention and you can’t find any online.

August 31 | 9:27 | 3♥
Whisper of the Heart | 1995 

August 30 | 10:21 | 16388♥ | ghiblit | heypunchy


I’m still hyped up from Smash, I had such a fantastic time. 
So here’s a doodle of No Face and Boh telling you that it is totally okay to feel kawaii and love yourself, and if anyone says otherwise, you should eat them (◡‿◡✿)

(not sure which one I like better… blue or pink guys?)

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Anime Revolution 2014 Line Up!


Hey all! I will be leaving in two days for Anime Revolution in Vancouver so it’s time to post my official cosplay line up for this year!



I will be the ever dashing Thor, complete with helm! My girlfriend kupcakekaity will be playing the devious fem!Loki alongside me and will be sexy as always. 




No Face is back and hopefully a little improved! My girlfriend kupcakekaity will be a new, improved Chihiro complete with soot sprites and bath tokens. I will of course have gold again.



Back to Thor and Loki for the Marvel vs DC Photoshoot! 

We will be walking around con all weekend and love photos and meeting people with similar interests. Watch for us and don’t be afraid to say hello! Hope to see you there!


August 18 | 9:44 | 4♥ | tyrannosaurustristyn


can’t wait for fall to start so i can stop wearing the same two pairs of shorts all the time and start wearing the same two pairs of jeans all the time

August 12 | 8:06 | 290♥ | handmadepride


Things Cosplayers Need to Stop Doing

I love this video and message so much!